Arun Raman, PhD

Deep Learning AI for Cybersecurity




high-performance computing, heterogeneous computing, hw-sw codesign




top conferences and journals including PLDI, ASPLOS, MICRO, SC, IEEE, ACM


Book Chapters

Encyclopedia of Parallel Computing, Fundamentals of Multicore SW Development



Invited Talks

on cybersecurity, AI, high-performance computing, programming models for multicore, heterogeneous systems, etc.



VP of Cloud, Blue Hexagon

VP of Cloud responsible for AI-based cloud security product vision, architecture, and business. Work with Sales as owner of key enterprise accounts. Founding Engineer (one of three). Architect of the world's first Deep Learning AI based network threat detection engine at line-rate.

Staff Engineer and Tech Lead, Qualcomm Research

Tech lead of Snapdragon Symphony SDK for Deep Learning inference on mobile (CPU, GPU, DSP). Deployed on 1B+ mobile devices, used in VR/AR, security, imaging, etc. 40+ patents in related areas. Presented projects to the CTO directly.

Research Scientist, Intel Labs

HW-SW codesign for high-performance computing (Project MoonRun). Worked for Dave Ditzel.



Princeton University

PhD, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology

BTech, Electrical Engineering

Some Awards


Intel Labs Awards

for work on speculative execution and floating-point architecture

Intel Fellowship

for research in high-performance low-power microprocessor technologies


highest-ranked paper award

IBM Computer Architecture Highlight

for multicore processor technology.

Princeton University Teaching Awards

for teaching Computer Science to undergraduates.